About Us

About Us

Beach Bums Sports Complex offers amenities from facility rentals to tournaments and from family fun to enjoying a drink with your friends.

Volleyball is the major pastime fun for our facility, especially with our tournaments on designated Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We welcome all levels of skill. And don’t forget our leagues, which are available for all ages:


February 18 – March 14 (6:00 pm and 7:00 pm)

  • Sunday Nights:
    • Co-ed QUADS
    • Jr. High Quads 
    • HS Quads
    • KOB/QOB
  • Thursday Nights:
    • AA QUADS Division 
    • B QUADS Division
    • M/W/Co-ed Doubles 


March 24th – May 19th

  • Mondays: Training Sessions (Open spots) & Co-ed K-Q of the Beach Quads (NEW!)
  • Tuesdays: M/W/Co-ed Doubles
  • Wednesdays: Corporate League  & KOB/QOB
  • Thursdays: AA Division, Adult Co-ed Doubles,  & Adult Co-ed Quads
  • Sundays: Sunday Funday League
  • OPEN PLAY: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sundays from 6-10 pm
      • Any day from 8 am – 6 pm
      • Select Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings

Tennis The ball cannot touch the sand. It is played with hard rackets that are like paddles and a softer tennis ball that doesn’t go as far. You will play on a doubles volleyball size court with no center or service lines. You can serve either opponent from behind the back line. The net is higher at 5’6”. One hit per side only.

Badminton is very similar to grass/indoor badminton but the court is just a tad shorter and you don’t have center or service lines so you can serve either opponent but must strike the birdie from below your waist to serve. The net remains at 5’0”. One hit per side only.

Dodgeball will be played with 5 or 6 players per team and one less ball than the number of players per team on a quads size volleyball court. Head shots disqualify the thrower. If you catch the thrower’s ball in the air, the thrower is out.

Spikeball, as seen on Shark Tank, involves 2 on 2 action with a trampoline net in the center of 4 players. The server from 6 ft away will spike the small ball on the trampoline and the other team has up to 3 hits before spiking it back on the trampoline. After the serve, there are no sides with 360 degree play around the trampoline. When the ball hits the edge of the trampoline it is a foul and the other team gets a point. If the ball hits the ground, the team that spiked it gets a point. Check out our Sports page for the rules and videos.

No matter which sport you decide to play, or if you want to play all of them, Beach Bums can be your break from reality, your beach in Louisiana, your fitness plan, your supper plan, and even your birthday/company/reunion gathering place as we offer facility rental also. Come join us and do it in the sand!

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